A small dog in the garden near the Place de la Concorde.

A small dog in the garden near the Place de la Concorde.

Un petit chien dans le jardin près de la Place de la Concorde.

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Vocabulary Subjects
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Vocabulary Word Videos
  French English Audio By  
  les accents [m] the accents Anne-Marie  
  les adverbes [m]: the adverbs Chloë & Sylvie  
    à bas - afin de        
    ailleurs - aveuglément        
    bas - cruellement        
    d'abord - durement        
    effectivement - hui        
    ici - moralement        
    naguère - patiemment        
    pêle-mêle - puissamment        
    qualitativement - sus        
    tandis que - y        
  les adverbes [m] (-ment): the adverbs Chloë & Sylvie  
    abruptement - honnêtement        
    idéalement - vraisemblablement        
  l' alphabet [m] the alphabet Chloë  
  les animaux [m] the animals Chloë  
  le bureau the office Daniel  
  le calendrier the calendar Daniel  
  la campagne the countryside Elisabeth  
  le corps the body Chloë  
  les couleurs [f] the colors Daniel  
  la cuisine the kitchen Chloë  
  l' école [f] the school Daniel  
  la famille the family Daniel  
  les fruits [m] the fruits Chloë  
  la géographie   geography Sylvie  
  les instruments de musique [m] the musical instruments Elisabeth  
  les légumes [m] the vegetables Chloë  
  les magasins the stores Chloë  
  la maison the house Sylvie  
  les meubles [m] the furniture Sylvie  
  les nombres [m] the numbers Sylvie  
  les pays majeurs [m] the countries (major) Sylvie  
  les pays mineurs [m] the countries (minor) Sylvie  
  la ponctuation   punctuation Anne-Marie  
  les professions [f] the professions Elisabeth  
  les sports [m]   sports Sylvie  
  le temps the weather Sylvie  
  le transport   transportation Elisabeth  
  les vêtements [m] the clothes Chloë  
  la viande the meat Chloë  
  la ville the city Sylvie  
Verb Word Videos
French English Audio By
accepter to accept Lauren
accueillir to welcome Lorraine
acheter to buy Marie-Paule
admettre to admit Chloë
adorer to adore Chloë
aider to help Lauren
aimer [1] to love Lauren
aimer [2] to like Lauren
ajouter to add Lauren
aller to go Marie-Paule
allumer to turn on Lauren
annoncer to announce Chloë
annuler to cancel Lauren
apercevoir to perceive Karen
apparaître to appear Michèle
appartenir [1] to belong Nancy
appartenir [2] to pertain Nancy
appeler to call Marie-Paule
apporter to bring Lauren
apprendre to learn Lorraine
arriver to arrive Sylvie
attacher to attached Lauren
atteindre to attain Elisabeth
attendre to wait Lauren
avancer to advance Marie-Paule
avoir to have Marie-Paule
bâtir to build Chloë
battre to beat Marie-Paule
bavarder to chat Lauren
blesser to hurt Elisabeth
boire to drink Marie-Paule
bouillir to boil Marie-Paule
casser to break Elisabeth
changer to change Marie-Paule
chanter to  sing Elisabeth
chercher to look for Lauren
chiffrer to calculate Michèle
choisir to choose Sylvie
combattre to fight Marie-Paule
commencer to begin Marie-Paule
commettre to commit Lorraine
comprendre to understand Lorraine
compter to count Elisabeth
conclure to conclude Marie-Paule
conduire to drive Lauren
connaître to know Marie-Paule
construire to build Karen
contenir to contain Michèle
contredire to contradict Michèle
convaincre to convince Janine
convertir to convert Jenica
coudre [1] to sew Marie-Paule
coudre [2] to stitch Marie-Paule
couper to cut Lauren
courir to run Philippe
couvrir to cover Lorraine
craindre to fear Elisabeth
créer to create Marie-Paule
croire to believe Lauren
croître [1] to grow Marie-Paule
croître [2] to increase Marie-Paule
cueillir to gather Lorraine
cuire to cook Beatrice
danser to dance Michèle
débattre to debate Marie-Paule
décevoir [1] to deceive Michèle
décevoir [2] to disappoint Michèle
découvrir to discover Lorraine
décrire to describe Karen
défaire to undo Michèle
défendre [1] to defend Chloë
défendre [2] to forbid Chloë
demander to ask Anne-Marie
descendre to descend Lauren
désirer to want Sylvie
dessiner to draw Chloë
détendre to loosen Sylvie
détester to detest Chloë
détruire to destroy Beatrice
devenir to become Lauren
devoir [1] to have to, must Marie-Paule
devoir [2] to owe Marie-Paule
dire [1] to say Lauren
dire [2] to tell Lauren
disparaître to disappear Chloë
dispenser to  give Lauren
se divertir to enjoy oneself Sylvie
divorcer to divorce Chloë
donner to give Sylvie
dormir to sleep Chloë
durer to last Sylvie
écouter to listen Sylvie
écrire to write Lauren
élire to elect Beatrice
employer to use Marie-Paule
s'endormir to fall asleep Beatrice
enseigner to teach Marie-Paule
entendre to hear Lauren
entrer to enter Sylvie
envoyer to send Elisabeth
épeler to spell Anne-Marie
espérer to hope Lorraine
essayer [1] to try Marie-Paule
essayer [2] to attempt Marie-Paule
éteindre to extinguish Janine
être to be Chloë
étudier to study Sylvie
excuser to excuse Sylvie
s'excuser to apologize Sylvie
expliquer to  explain Lauren
faire [1] to do Lauren
faire [2] to make Lauren
falloir to be necessary Sylvie
fermer to close Sylvie
finir to finish Chloë
fuir to flee Jade
fumer to smoke Lauren
gagner to win Lauren
habiter to live (in) Sylvie
interdire to forbid Karen
introduire to introduce Marie-Paule
jeter to throw Lorraine
joindre to join Janine
jouer to  play Lauren
juger to judge Sylvie
laver to  wash Lauren
se laver to wash (oneself) Marie-Paule
lever to lift Lorraine
lire to read Lauren
maintenir to maintain Nancy
manger to eat Lorraine
mentir to lie Lorraine
mettre to put Lauren
monter to climb Sylvie
mourir to die Philippe
nager to swim Lauren
naître to be born Elisabeth
nettoyer to clean Lorraine
obtenir to obtain Nancy
offrir to offer Lauren
omettre to omit Marie-Paule
organiser to organize Lauren
oublier to forget Marie-Paule
ouvrir to open Lauren
paraître [1] to appear Karen
paraître [2] to seem Karen
parler to speak Sylvie
partir to leave Chloë
passer [1] to stop by Anne-Marie
passer [2] to pass Anne-Marie
payer to pay Sylvie
peindre to paint Janine
penser to think, believe Anne-Marie
perdre to lose Chloë
permettre [1] to permit Lorraine
permettre [2] to allow Lorraine
permettre [3] to let Lorraine
peser to ponder Chloë
plaindre to pity Chloë
plaire to please Karen
pleuvoir to rain Sylvie
poser to pose Sylvie
poursuivre [1] to pursue Chloë
poursuivre [2] to continue Chloë
pourvoir to provide Chloë
pouvoir to be able, can Chloë
préférer to prefer Chloë
prendre to take Chloë
prêter to lend Lauren
prévoir to foresee Chloë
produire to produce Beatrice
promettre to promise Karen
prononcer to pronounce Chloë
ralentir to slow Chloë
ranger to tidy up Jenica
recevoir [1] to receive Marie-Paule
recevoir [2] to get Marie-Paule
reconnaître [1] to recognize Karen
reconnaître [2] to acknowledge Karen
réduire [1] to reduce Chloë
réduire [2] to decrease Chloë
refaire to redo Marie-Paule
regarder to  look Anne-Marie
rejoindre to rejoin Marie-Paule
remercier to thank Marie-Paule
remettre [1] to put back Karen
remettre [2] to give back Karen
remettre [3] to replace Karen
remettre [4] to postpone Karen
remplir to fill Chloë
rendre to give back Lauren
rentrer to go back in Sylvie
réparer [1] to repair Lauren
réparer [2] to fix Lauren
repartir to leave again Sylvie
répéter to repeat Marie-Paule
répondre to answer Sylvie
reprendre [1] to take back Marie-Paule
reprendre [2] to recover Marie-Paule
reprendre [3] to resume Marie-Paule
reprendre [4] to begin again Marie-Paule
résoudre to resolve Chloë
rester to stay Sylvie
retenir [1] to retain Nancy
retenir [2] to hold back Nancy
retourner to return Sylvie
réussir to succeed Sylvie
se réveiller to wake up Marie-Paule
revenir [1] to come back Lauren
revenir [2] to return Lauren
revoir to see again Karen
rire to laugh Sylvie
rompre to break Chloë
rouvrir to reopen Lorraine
savoir to know (how) Marie-Paule
secouer to shake Jenica
sentir [1] to feel Marie-Paule
sentir [2] to smell Marie-Paule
servir to serve Marie-Paule
signer to  sign Lauren
sonner to ring Michèle
sortir to go out Marie-Paule
souffrir to suffer Marie-Paule
sourire to smile Sylvie
soutenir to support Nancy
se souvenir to remember Marie-Paule
succéder to succeed Lauren
suffire to suffice Sylvie
suivre to follow Philippe
supposer to assume Lauren
surprendre to surprise Sylvie
se taire to keep quiet Jade
téléphoner to telephone Anne-Marie
tendre [1] to strain Lauren
tendre [2] to stretch Lauren
tendre [3] to tighten Lauren
tenir [1] to hold Philippe
tenir [2] to grasp Philippe
tenter to tempt Jenica
terminer to terminate Marie-Paule
tirer to pull Jenica
tomber to fall Marie-Paule
tourner to turn Jenica
tousser to cough Lauren
traduire to translate Sylvie
travailler to work Sylvie
trouver to find Elisabeth
utiliser to utilize Chloë
vaincre to conquer Janine
valoir [1] to be worth Sylvie
valoir [2] to deserve Sylvie
vendre to sell Sylvie
venir to come Marie-Paule
vivre to live Philippe
voir to see Marie-Paule
voler [1] to fly Sylvie
voler [2] to steal Sylvie
vouloir [1] to want Marie-Paule
vouloir [2] to wish Marie-Paule
voyager to travel Marie-Paule
Verbs Conjugated with être
Verbs Conjugated with être (mnemonic)

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