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Language CDs and Audio Oriented Magazines


I listen to Pimsleur series often while driving...very natural, rhythmic.
A little pricey, but worth it.


Clearly labor of love by publisher David Tolman.


Language Books



All part of my reference library.


Language Web Sites



The creators of yabla bring a
dvanced technology to enable simultaneous streaming of
French and English during topical videos. Extraordinary.


Travel Books




We have worn out all these titles, taking several with us each trip to Paris.

The "City Walks" card idea is excellent! I used to map out our daily walks in the pocket-sized L'INDISPENSABLE Plan de Paris PAR ARRONDISSEMENT, but Christina Henry de Tessan now makes life easy...50 Adventures on Foot, each on a colorful index card (5.5 x 3.75 inches). Mapped route on one side, description on other with points of interest, including shops, cafés. Typical walk is 1-2 miles with convenient Métro identified near start and finish.

(That said I still carry L'INDISPENSABLE with me toujours et partout,
and, if you do not have, you should buy this little blue map book online or when in Paris.)

Andy Herbach's original 2004 "Paris Made Easy" is now out-of-print. It has been updated and expanded under new title "Open Road's Best of Paris."
His "Eating and Drinking In Paris" is excellent and now in 4th edition. My wife and I try to remember to take this book each time we go to a restaurant in Paris...has spared us from repeating an embarrassing time when we unwittingly ordered our teenage daughter and her friend pickled herring and raw steak...beautifully prepared, and ultimately delicious, but the girls were mortified!

For those readers who well prefer text over pictures. "Walking Paris," by Gilles Desmons is becoming a little dated (mid-late '90s), but rich with historical detail. And, "Paris Walks," by three generations of Landes.

If want to take just one book, consider this one: the handy pocket-guide Frommer's "Paris day by day." Anna E. Brooke and Wiley Publishing have done a great compiling and presenting a lot of helpful information for Paris visitors. 


Travel Web Sites

Low Fares to France and Europe   raileurope.com - tous pours les trains d'Europe



ParisInfo.com represents the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, which was set up as a non-profit, joint initiative of Paris City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce...rich with timely, very useful information, including events and travel tips...multi-language friendly site...keeps getting better all the time.

Download free Google Earth software and your computer becomes a window to anywhere on the planet, viewing high-resolution satellite imagery, elevation terrain, street labels, and much more...start with the Eiffel Tower! Latest version simply amazing...contains pictures and videos from locations throughout Paris (or whatever location you are interested).

And, Google Maps, very useful...just type in a Paris address, like
 25 Rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris, France, and voilà.

For some additional tips on visiting Paris, please click here: ParisTips.


Movies (DVDs)


Yves Robert's two films based on the best-selling memoirs of  Marcel Pagnol.
Beautiful, delightful, touching. My wife and I watch often.


Julie Delpy is beautiful, articulate, and terrific. Visual, contemporary look at life in Paris with American boyfriend smartly played by Jack Goldberg. They form a neurotically fun couple, reminiscent of work by Woody Allen. Superb supporting cast, particularly the father, played by Delpy's real-life father Albert Delpy.

Paris, Je T'Aime is a diverse collection of short love stories, some quite sad actually, set in Paris today. A few of these stories will really grow on you.





Other Books

By Kristin Espinasse, author of beautiful blog French-Word-A-Day.
Lessons in love and language from the south of France.

A delight.




“We bring melodies and rhythms from different parts of the world together to create something which is new and beautiful,” says founder Thomas M. Lauderdale. SVP, enjoy the embedded video with lead vocalist and "diva next door" China Forbes: "Je ne veux pas..."


News Web Sites





French Link Web Sites

Dr. Geoff Hare's list is an excellent gateway
to information about contemporary France and things French.



Eric Fraudeau makes this class delightful and rewarding...highly recommended.




By author Kristi Espinasse.




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