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On-line Sound Files

AudioFrench.com contains thousands of sound files to help you learn and enjoy the French language. You should be able to double-click on any of the linked French words and the audio file should play back automatically.


If the audio file does not play, try setting RealPlayer as your default player for mp3 files. Follow these instructions:

  • Start RealPlayer

  • From RealPlayer main menu, go Tools/Preferences/Content/Media Types

  • Select "Manually Configure Media Types for RealPlayer"

  • Hit "Select"

  • Check box for "MP3 Audio (mp3)"

  • Once checked, should indicate that mp3 files are "Currently assigned to: RealPlayer"

  • Click OK/OK

  • Try double-clicking on an AudioFrench.com sound file, on-line.

Note that the first time you click on a sound file, it takes a few seconds to load RealPlayer. RealPlayer then remains loaded in background, playing any new word you click almost instantaneously.


If you still have problems with sound file or find a troubled link, please contact AudioFrench.com: charles@audiofrench.com.


Please note that you can download any AudioFrench.com sound file for personal use by right-clicking on the linked French word or expression and saving to your disk, following normal process for downloads. (Please see Terms of Use.)


Vocabulary lists can be presented in a printer-friendly format by clicking on the "Printable View" icon for that page. You must have the free program Adode Reader installed, since this view uses pdf format. These pdf files can also be downloaded for off-line use using the normal File/Save procedure.



AudioFrench.com seeks quality audio renditions of phrases,  vocabulary, poetry, and essays spoken in French language and voice.

  • AudioFrench.com pays an honorarium for commissioned readings.

  • All recordings must be made using your natural voice and you must be at least 18 years old to be commissioned.

To begin, please follow link to My Audition (ou, si vous préférez en français, à Mon Audition).

Original Submittals

AudioFrench.com also seeks original short stories, poetry, essays, articles and photo-logs, particularly those with accompanying narration, and songs.

  • All topics considered, but especially those of interest to English-speaking people learning French and visiting Paris, the country of  France, and other French-speaking cities and countries.

  • Submissions must be written and annotated in French.

  • Narrations and songs must also be recorded in French.

  • Songs must be accompanied with written lyrics.

  • AudioFrench.com offers an honorarium.

  • Please use Microsoft Office compatible formats for text, jpg format for photos, and wav format for narrations and songs.

Please e-mail your submittal to charles@audiofrench.com.

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