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les instruments [m] - the instruments


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  les instruments [m] the instruments   the instruments les instruments [m]  
  la batterie the drums   the castanets les castagnettes [f]  
  les castagnettes [f] the castanets   the clarinet la clarinette  
  la clarinette the clarinet   the cymbal la cymbale  
  la contrebasse the double bass   the double bass la contrebasse  
  la cymbale the cymbal   the drums la batterie  
  la flûte traversière the flute   the flute la flûte traversière  
  la guitare the guitar   the guitar la guitare  
  l' harmonica [m] the harmonica   the harmonica l' harmonica [m]  
  le piano the piano   the piano le piano  
  le saxophone the saxophone   the saxophone le saxophone  
  le tambourin the tambourine   the tambourine le tambourin  
  le trombone the trombone   the trombone le trombone  
  la trompette the trumpet   the trumpet la trompette  
  le violon the violin   the violin le violon  
  le xylophone the xylophone   the xylophone le xylophone  

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