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  Français (French) Anglais (English)   Impératif Imperative  
            tu Reconnais ! you Acknowledge!  
  Infinitif Infinitive   nous Reconnaissons ! we Let's acknowledge!  
  reconnaître to acknowledge   vous Reconnaissez ! you Acknowledge!  
  Présent Present   Futur Future  
  je reconnais I acknowledge   je reconnaîtrai I will acknowledge  
  tu reconnais you acknowledge   tu reconnaîtras you will acknowledge  
  il reconnaît he acknowledges   il reconnaîtra he will acknowledge  
  elle reconnaît she acknowledges   elle reconnaîtra she will acknowledge  
  on reconnaît it, one acknowledges   on reconnaîtra it, one will acknowledge  
  nous reconnaissons we acknowledge   nous reconnaîtrons we will acknowledge  
  vous reconnaissez you acknowledge   vous reconnaîtrez you will acknowledge  
  ils reconnaissent they acknowledge   ils reconnaîtront they will acknowledge  
  elles reconnaissent they acknowledge   elles reconnaîtront they will acknowledge  
  Passé composé Compound Past   Conditionnel Conditional  
  j' ai reconnu I (have) acknowledged   je reconnaîtrais I would acknowledge  
  tu as reconnu you (have) acknowledged   tu reconnaîtrais you would acknowledge  
  il a reconnu he (has) acknowledged   il reconnaîtrait he would acknowledge  
  elle a reconnu she (has) acknowledged   elle reconnaîtrait she would acknowledge  
  on a reconnu it, one (has) acknowledged   on reconnaîtrait it, one would acknowledge  
  nous avons reconnu we (have) acknowledged   nous reconnaîtrions we would acknowledge  
  vous avez reconnu you (have) acknowledged   vous reconnaîtriez you would acknowledge  
  ils ont reconnu they (have) acknowledged   ils reconnaîtraient they would acknowledge  
  elles ont reconnu they (have) acknowledged   elles reconnaîtraient they would acknowledge  
  Imparfait Imperfect   Subjonctif Subjunctive  
  je reconnaissais I was acknowledging   que je reconnaisse that I acknowledge  
  tu reconnaissais you were acknowledging   que tu reconnaisses that you acknowledge  
  il reconnaissait he was acknowledging   qu'il reconnaisse that he acknowledges  
  elle reconnaissait she was acknowledging   qu'elle reconnaisse that she acknowledges  
  on reconnaissait it, one was acknowledging   qu'on reconnaisse that it, one acknowledges  
  nous reconnaissions we were acknowledging   que nous reconnaissions that we acknowledge  
  vous reconnaissiez you were acknowledging   que vous reconnaissiez that you acknowledge  
  ils reconnaissaient they were acknowledging   qu'ils reconnaissent that they acknowledge  
  elles reconnaissaient they were acknowledging   qu'elles reconnaissent that they acknowledge  
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