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  Français (French) Anglais (English)   Impératif Imperative  
            tu Croîs ! you Grow!  
  Infinitif Infinitive   nous Croissons ! we Let's grow!  
  croître to grow   vous Croissez ! you Grow!  
  Présent Present   Futur Future  
  je croîs I grow   je croîtrai I will grow  
  tu croîs you grow   tu croîtras you will grow  
  il croît he grows   il croîtra he will grow  
  elle croît she grows   elle croîtra she will grow  
  on croît it, one grows   on croîtra it, one will grow  
  nous croissons we grow   nous croîtrons we will grow  
  vous croissez you grow   vous croîtrez you will grow  
  ils croissent they grow   ils croîtront they will grow  
  elles croissent they grow   elles croîtront they will grow  
  Passé composé Compound Past   Conditionnel Conditional  
  j' ai crû I have grown, grew   je croîtrais I would grow  
  tu as crû you have grown, grew   tu croîtrais you would grow  
  il a crû he has grown, grew   il croîtrait he would grow  
  elle a crû she has grown, grew   elle croîtrait she would grow  
  on a crû it, one has grown, grew   on croîtrait it, one would grow  
  nous avons crû we have grown, grew   nous croîtrions we would grow  
  vous avez crû you have grown, grew   vous croîtriez you would grow  
  ils ont crû they have grown, grew   ils croîtraient they would grow  
  elles ont crû they have grown, grew   elles croîtraient they would grow  
  Imparfait Imperfect   Subjonctif Subjunctive  
  je croissais I was growing   que je croisse that I grow  
  tu croissais you were growing   que tu croisses that you grow  
  il croissait he was growing   qu'il croisse that he grows  
  elle croissait she was growing   qu'elle croisse that she grows  
  on croissait it, one was growing   qu'on croisse that it, one grows  
  nous croissions we were growing   que nous croissions that we grow  
  vous croissiez you were growing   que vous croissiez that you grow  
  ils croissaient they were growing   qu'ils croissent that they grow  
  elles croissaient they were growing   qu'elles croissent that they grow  
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